About Us

sue-e-me-san-francisco-3In 1999, I started my career as a Veterinary Technician. I have always had a life-long love and passion for animals. As a child I was always surrounded by dogs, horses, birds, rabbits, and even fish!! I wanted to turn my passion into my career.

dreamstime_7645639My goal is to provide you with peace-of-mind knowing your pets and home are being cared for by a professional  — someone who is truly committed to the physical and emotional well being of your loved one. You can rest easy knowing that I will treat the safety and security of your home and pets with the same care as if they were my own.

Insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC

Insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC


Julie Johnson
Certified Veterinary Assistant
Pet First Aid/CPR Certified

What our clients say

We have a 5 yr old Jack Russell and from time to time his back goes out. When his back goes out we need to crate him for 14 days when we are not home. During the week day when we are not able to let him out to go potty, we can rely on Julie to make it to our house each day at the same time to let him out to go potty. He is not able to walk up or down our stairs, so she makes sure she carries him up and down. She does a fantastic job caring for our dog. She takes good care of our dogs as good or even better than we would expect. She cares for them as if they were her own. She is a very reliable and caring pet sitter. We would recommend her to everyone out there who needs a pet sitter. She does a fantastic job!
Half Moon Bay, CA

Thanks to Julie we have total peace of mind knowing that our active and lovable puggle is getting one-on-one, tender, loving care while we are at work. Julie is extremely reliable and flexible when it comes to scheduling the walks and visits. Julie’s affinitiy for animals is readily apparent upon meeting her. She is warm, affectionate and energetic. Our puggle gets so excited when she sees Julie at the door!
Rick, Angela & “Daisy”

We have a boxer who had bloat when she was just a puppy. Now we need to feed her in small amounts, or bloat may come back again. There are only a few people we trust that can take care of her while we are gone. Julie is one of them. She does an excellent job caring for her and takes her time feeding our dog. She knows the medical conditions of bloat and knows what to do if anything happens while she is watching our dog. She will call us each day and let us know how our dog is doing and sometimes even takes pictures on her phone and sends them to us. She is a very caring and responsible pet sitter. We will always count on her to care for our dog.

I really liked the fact that Julie went the “extra mile” with my dogs and wrote to ask about what is normal for them (how much water they usually drink) and did some extra things to help out. My dogs seem to like her a lot and were happy to see her a few days after we arrived when she came over to return our house key. I did not need anyone else’s reassurance after that.
The Barry’s,  El Granada